SOFTBEC participated in several projects related to soil analysis. The software name OTO-i accompanied the truck scales management module took over in several projects, such as the completion of soil analysis for the Turcot Interchange in Montreal.
The principle is to first identify the amount of soil decontamination sent to this software communicates with a truck scale to take the trucks weighed transportants earth.
To complete the management process, OTO Nom-i allows a quick and simple billing based on data from the weighing process.


OTO Nom-i will keep a complete record of delivery methods and laboratory tests on the goods received.
Submission to billing, OTO Nom-i i can cover all the companies management processes that operate in the food.
Indeed, OTO Nom-i is designed to assist you in receiving and weighing of products that come in communicating with a truck scale, help you manage the results from quality control on the product and track your stock while you offering a permanent view visual alarms so you can avoid falling into the rupture of stock or exceed your storage capacity, and finally in a simple and friendly interface  OTO Nom-i allows you to manage your invoicing.


Sorting centers / Recycling

From reception to the provision of materials, OTO Nom-i offers several modules for sorting and recycling centers in Quebec. Its features allow you to follow and manage all the processes necessary for the proper processing of recyclable materials.

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The excavation centers trust SOFTBEC because the solutions provided their finally to maximize their return on their production and operating costs.
OTO-Nom-i can cover all the centers management process of excavations from submission to billing.
Indeed, OTO Nom-i is designed to support its partners throughout their business processes, starting with the weighing of materials received through the truck scales management module, inventory management and inventory, and finally in a simple and friendly interface OTO Nom-i allows users to manage their billing.