Management of truck scales

With or without operator, this module is designed specifically for companies using truck scales in their business operations and in their productions. Compatible with most of the balance indicators, you will enjoy a simplified approach vis-à-vis your weighing transactions. Within 10 seconds, your transaction can be created and printed with a complete weight ticket and / or emailed to the contact. In just a few clicks, you can send your transactions to billing, reducing oversights and duplication of data entry, and that, while ensuring the profitability of your business.


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Intuitive ergonomics of the interface allows easy handling of the application. All features have been designed to minimize the number of clicks and ensure easy and efficient access to different tasks required to balance operator. This makes the application simpler, more automatic and reliable.



  • Compatible with most of the balance indicators
    Real time display of the weight from the indicators
    Video capture at weight gain (gross and tare)
    single capture, or axle trucks weighing
    Automatic vehicle recall tare (empty weight)
    Callback the last transaction of the vehicle
    Warning and / or blockage in vehicle weight overloads
    filling management attended the vehicles in real time
    full monitoring of entry and exit of goods
    Independent weighed without affecting the inventory (useful for public scales)
    Transport of materials without affecting the inventory (useful for carriers)
    Reports required by the Ministry of Transport (MTQ)
    Defects of vehicles (curb weight)
    materials transported
    Weight of vehicles on the road
    Enables weighing without operators with management of detection loops and traffic lights
    Payroll truckers at the rates in effect the Ministry of Transport (MTQ)
    And much more ...


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