OTO Nom-i Mobile

Minimize wasted time and maximize the performance of your staff through OTO Nom i-mobile.
This module integrates with smart cell to offer a real-time view of the geo-location and routes traveled by your fleet. It assists your employees in their daily tasks and reduces paperwork and eliminates double data entry.


Some mobile functionality :

- A real-time view of the position, speed and direction of the fleet on a detailed road map, and, while identifying the assigned drivers.
- Full access to the geographic history fleets.
- A Logged support preventive inspections and maintenance of heavy vehicles, driving hours and kilometers traveled per driver.
- An alert when abusive behavior (speeding, excessive acceleration or sudden deceleration).
- Access to the list of daily tasks (work to be performed and deliveries to be made) by the driver.
- Access to an electronic signature to confirm the completion of the work.
    And much more ...