Container's Rental

By combining the power of the PC, Web and mobile, this module allows you to plan, deliver / pick up and track all your transactions with simple clicks, and regardless of your position.

Designed primarily to companies that lease containers, heavy machinery and public toilets, this module allows full tracking on your commitments and those of your customers vis-à-vis the rentals of goods. Easy to use, it offers several visual indicators such as graphs and widgets over thirty reports, to ensure complete log of your operations without losing your merchandise, nor forget the billing in the following.

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The intuitive design of the rental module allows easy handling of the application. All features have been designed to minimize the number of clicks and ensure easy and efficient access to different tasks prescribed to users. This makes the application simpler, more automatic and more reliable with less mistake.


The module rentals add several widgets, reports and features in the Application OTO Nom-i, including in particular the following :

locations pes


Dashboard Widgets

Shortcuts to the rental manager
Creating a new tenancy
Lists in table form
Rentals run (delivery or return)
Rentals forward (to the customer)
Late Rentals (HAVING exceeded the scheduled date of return)
Location of the rented materials
statistical graphs
Number and value of rentals
In general kind or by rental
Per month gold was daily basis
By customer, product and the combination of 2
And more ...

Reporting and printing functions

Reprint lot in rentals
Rentals run
Rentals follow
Late Rentals
rentals run
Summary rentals by customer
Journal rental per customer
Summary of locations by product
Journal of locations by product
deleted rentals
History rentals
History of the serial number
Location of the rented goods
Rentals by payment terms
And more others...



Here are some screenshots that show the rental unit.

  • Filtres
  • Liste des locations
  • Détails d'une location
  • Rapports-Locations

Here is a demo with the management of rentals in OTO Nom-i.